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Optimum Peak Fitness distinguishes itself in the way we approach exercise and health. OPF’s culture focuses on the development of sustainable habits, foundational movement development and supportive community

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With our skills and knowledge OPF has set itself apart with our comprehensive treatment plans to correct postural dysfunction, foundational movement patterns, and athletic development. Our coaches utilize targeted assessments to identify sources of pain or instability and provide our clients with custom plans.

Our experts consist of clinical exercise physiologists, kinesiologists and correctional exercise specialists. We have thorough knowledge of kinematics, biomechanics and the ability to correct abnormal joint loading.

OPF is a unique place due to the vast experience of each our personal trainers. We provide state-of-the-art services to all kinds of clients based on both evidence and experience.

OPF is a very positive environment. We care about our clients even when the clients are not physically at the gym. OPF’s team makes sure to follow up with all of our clients with the holistic view that exercise training is not only performed at the gym but should be adopted as a lifestyle.



“OPF is like my family. only better because not only are they understanding and supportive, they also motivate me to improve my overall health and push my physical performance beyond self-imposed limitations.” – Cathy Corley

“After a work injury, I saw a number of experts and attended physical therapy at ATI for 6 weeks. It seemed no one could accurately diagnose the reason for chronic Achilles tendonitis and knee inflammation. My diet was excellent and I was very active prior to my injury. Optimum Peak Fitness quickly identified my issues (poor gait, weak muscle groups, poor posture, and tracking issues). The road to recovery has just begun” – Joseph Jolliff

Luke Marinkovich

Luke has worked in the fitness industry for over 7 years, establishing himself as a professional trainer through his unique training approach and natural ability to motivate the people around him. The foundation of becoming a seasoned fitness professional stems from his experience working as a rehab specialist at Lake Washington Physical Therapy, and time spent as a Master Trainer at both Gold’s Gym and 24 Hour Fitness. Highlighting the unique opportunity to provide coaching for professional NFL athletes at Ford Sports Performance. Luke also graduated from Western Washington University with a BS degree in Kinesiology, Pre-Physical Therapy. With the culmination of practical and educational experience, Luke believes that he can build a sturdy foundation of physical fitness and well-being based on realistic and sustainable life choices. Regardless of where you are in your personal journey Luke’s goal is to be there each step of the way.

    Luke Marinkovich

    Founder & Kinesiologist

    Ashley Foster

    Over the course of 9 years, Ashley Foster intentionally built her health and wellness foundation solely to improve her own quality of life. After working as a certified nutrition coach (2018) and personal trainer (2019), Ashley realized a majority of individuals lack a realistic roadmap and the social support that will effectively direct them towards their goals. With this in mind, Ashley has dedicated her life to all things holistic health related and strives to be the coach she needed when she began her personal transformation journey.

      Ashley Foster

      Nutrition and Group Coach

      Lee Noyola

      Lee Noyola’s passion for fitness began after he ruptured his L4 and L5 in high school due to poorly taught lifting mechanics. Without the help of a specialist, Lee was able to rehabilitate himself and became inspired to embark on his health and wellness career. He is a certified Personal Trainer by The National Academy of Sports Medicine (2015) and also certified as a Correctional Exercise Specialist. His main focus as a coach is improving the quality of life through physical movement and giving individuals the power to regain control of their own bodies.

        Lee Noyola

        Correctional Exercise Specialist

        Kyle Johanson

        Kyle has worked in the fitness industry for over 10+ years. With a bachelor’s degree in business management, Kyle has utilized his degree to successfully manage over 25 fitness locations throughout the Pacific Northwest. Kyle has been responsible for the management and implementation of day-to-day operations such as staffing, customer service, business development, marketing, and financials. Kyle believes that fitness alone can change one’s life and set them down a path of confidence and personal success. A fitness routine, proper nutrition, coaching, and accountability are all essential for one to maintain a positive outlook on life.

          Kyle Johanson

          Operations Manager

          Hussain Aslan

          Hussain’s journey with fitness, and sports goes back for over a couple of decades. As a former soccer player, he experienced some injuries which ignited his passion to focus on sport and non-sport-related injury and therapeutic exercise programs. He earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Kinesiology abroad and a second master’s in Exercise Sciences from Western Washington University. Hussain has extensive experience in clinical exercise physiology and sport/non-sport injuries. He is a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist by the American College of Sports Medicine since 2014. He has a unique approach to assessing and addressing client’s concerns such as: musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, cardiopulmonary, and metabolic. Hussain enjoys all types of clients but he especially likes working with challenging cases both in sports rehabilitation and high-performance athletic arenas.

            Hussain Aslan

            Clinical Exercise Physiologist

            Dedicated to Helping You Reach Your Peak Potential

            Real People. Real Results

            OPF takes a holistic approach. We focus on the development of sustainable habits, foundational movement development and supportive community. Our team of experts consists of clinical exercise physiologist, kinesiologist and correctional exercise specialists. We have thorough knowledge of kinematics, biomechanics and the ability to correct abnormal joint loading.

            Who we cater to and why OPF is a good choice?

            We welcome those who have lost motivation due to injury, seek the fundamentals of physical fitness, athletes who need help reaching their peak, and anyone in between.

            Who is Personal Training For?

            Many people have the misconception that personal training is reserved for the rich and famous or for professional athletes. However, the truth is that everyone can benefit from having sessions with a fitness professional. Our personal training sessions will help you achieve your goals with greater efficiency. You will be able to train more effectively and even gain the motivation you need to overcome the challenges you’ll face along your fitness journey.

            How do you set expectations for a patient?

            A successful physical therapist sets realistic goals and objectives with their patients. The purpose of the question is to determine the candidate’s process for creating expectations and communicating them to patients. What to look for in an answer:

            Communication skills to provide clearly defined expectations that the patient understands
            Ability to be flexible and adapt to a patient’s changing needs and circumstances
            Expertise in assessing a patient and creating appropriate expectations

            Should I approach my sessions with a plan?

            Yes, this will help you get the most out of your workout. Decide which muscle groups you want to work on, whether you’re doing a strength session or a HIIT workout and what equipment you’ll need. Then, think about how many reps and sets you’re going to perform. That way, you won’t waste time procrastinating and you’ll work harder as a result.

            How much is a Personal Trainer in Redmond?

            The cost of personal training sessions varies. However, we charge per hour for training sessions. We also offer packages at competitive rates. You simply purchase the package and commit to a specific number of training sessions a week. You can compare rates as well as what is included in the package to determine the best option for you.

            What Exactly Does a Fitness Trainer Do in Partner Training?

            Are you looking to improve your fitness with a partner!? Wondering where to start? Let us help you start your fitness journey off right. Contact us to schedule an appointment with a fitness trainer from our team. We will provide you and your partner with the guidance to achieve your fitness goals. We work with clients from all walks of life at different stages of fitness. Whether you’re just starting in fitness, want to take your fitness to the next level or are an elite athlete looking to improve your performance, our professional trainers have the skills and know-how to help you achieve you and your partners goals.

            How do you differentiate your brand from the competition?

            Our team consists of accredited exercise professionals who have years of hands-on experience. Our owner Luke Marinkovich not only has a degree in kinesiology but has developed a specific style of effective exercise through his experience with working with NFL athletes, sports rehabilitation and cross fit training. We not only develop a firm foundation in exercise and nutrition we approach exercise in a holistic view. (Mind, body and spirit)

            Do I need to work out every day?

            A good workout week doesn’t necessarily mean training every day. Three to four gym or home workouts each week is enough if you work as hard as you can in each session. Try to balance the week with a mix of cardio, HIIT, strength and yoga or Pilates. However, when it comes to being active you should aim to move as much as you can every day – whether that’s with brisk walking, jogging, swimming, gardening or putting your all into the housework!

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