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When you get in touch with Optimum Peak Fitness, we’ll put you under the care of the best nutritionist in Redmond. Our nutritionist will work with you to identify barriers and determine the best solutions. From developing healthy eating patterns to making the best food choices for your health, Ashley will guide you on what plan will work best for you.

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Why is Nutrition Important?

If you’re struggling with a certain stance, then take a step back and first diagnose the source of the problem and then practice the drills that will help you overcome it.

How does OPF asses my diet?

Thoracic spine mobility is an extremely important, and often times overlooked, component to a variety of dysfunctions. Poor thoracic mobility can affect the shoulder, neck, low back, and hip very easily. Unfortunately, our daily habits and posture make us all very prone to poor thoracic spine mobility. Luckily OPF is here to help!

What is the OPF Approach?

Hip flexibility and mobility allow athletes to become more powerful and perform athletic movements efficiently. From powerful dives off the blocks in swimming to jumping over hurdles with greater ease at a track meet, hip mobility enhances athletic performance.


“If you’re fortunate, you’ll be introduced to a truly gifted healer, Hussain. This humble genius is well versed in pretty much every function of the human body. I have multiple injuries at different stages of healing and recovery. What he fixed first was my oldest and most inhibiting injury. His time and care changed my skeletal and muscular conflicts which allowed me freedom of movement without pain!
Not only have I recuperated from that old injury, I am clear on the training needed to fully regain my strength and endurance.”


“Positive environment and extremely knowledgeable staff especially Luke and Hussain. Recovery is half mental and half physical and OPF provides the positive and optimistic environment that helped me walk the very difficult path of recovery. 100% recommend anyone struggling with their physical and fitness goals!”